Friday, December 25, 2009

Krushka sveje-svarennogo aromatnogo kofe!! Mmmm....chto mojet prinesti bolshe radosti v zimnee utro!! (A cup of a hot delicious cofe in the winter morning.Mmm.... what can make you more happy than it!!!)
4 devushki: Caroline, Jessica, Darlene, Agniya. Absolutno raznie i takie odinakovie! (4 girls: Caroline, Jessica, Darlene, Agniya. So different and so

Vozle Rockfeller Center

Voobshe-to nel'zya na skameyke stoyat', no pravila sosdani chtobi ih narushat')))

Caleb!!! Ya tebya ochen' sil'no lublu!
Na moi vzglad ochen' patrioticnaya fotografiya! (Such a patriotic picture! I just love this guy so badly! I love you!)
Just beautiful!

Ice scatting!!

What a beautiful family!

Shopping! You can not imagine guys how busy was Macy's before Christmas! Uh!

I just Love this guy! He is one of my three favorite guys! I love you!

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Darlene said...

We had such a great day!!! I am so glad you are in our family!